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RPS - fiction - Mark & Vin & Miranda in imaginary Hong Kong

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HKVerse 10: Miranda Otto/Mark Lutz, "Surprise"
msilverstar wrote in hkverse
Title: Surprise
Fandom: Actorslash AU
Pairing: Miranda Otto/Mark Lutz
Authors: msilverstar and zillah975
Rating: NC-17 (references to BDSM)
Disclaimer: Not true: we made it up
Summary: Miranda comes back from Beijing with a surprise for Mark and Vin.
Series: Hong Kong-verse, AU. Miranda's a travel writer, Mark's a photographer, and Vin owns an import/export business; they meet in Hong Kong, and Miranda gets involved in Vin and Mark's BDSM lifestyle. Series parts: 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
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Miranda can barely sit still in the taxi, she's so excited to be coming back to Mark, and Vin. Bloody publisher had dragged her off to a meeting with Chinese ministers about the Mongolia book, long before she was ready to leave the blokes. Thoughts of them kept bobbing at the most inconvenient times, during serious discussions and late-night banquets. The officials had been shockingly cooperative, so much that she wonders whether she is being used for some political maneuvering, but it's worth it if she can publish on the real country.

And now, coming back, she's eager and a little scared. She had been so sure about the surprise for Mark, but now she wonders, and worries if it's the wrong thing, or too much too soon.

Mark's finishing up the last of the tidying in preparation for Miranda coming over. Vin's gone for a few days, and Mark's sorry he won't be there to help him greet Miranda, but at the same time he's looking forward to having some time just the two of them. He's just getting the wine open when she buzzes, and he scrambles to let her up; he's standing in the door with two glasses of wine when she gets off the elevator.

He grins when he sees her. "Hey, gorgeous," he says. "You're a sight for sore eyes."

If her arms weren't full of luggage and books, Miranda would be hugging him straight off. She leans up for a quick kiss and then slips by him to drop them and turns to greet him properly. She reaches for him and hugs him gently, kisses him not at all gently. "It's lovely to be back, I missed you."

"Mmmm, missed you too," Mark says, his hands full of wine glasses but wrapping his arms around her carefully. "Come on, we'll deal with that stuff later. Wine," he says, offering her a glass, "and I've grilled some salmon and made a little salad." He tugs her towards the couch, where he's set a low table with dinner. "Didn't figure you'd want anything heavy after the flight."

Miranda hopes he doesn't notice her gasp when he hugs her. She takes the wine, follows him to the couch and sits down gratefully. "Oh thank you, so nice to be somewhere that doesn't move or hum, and of course your food will always be better." She drinks some of the wine and smiles. It's not at all clear how she should bring up the surprise. Or perhaps, The Surprise: it seems like it should have capital letters.

"So how was the trip?" Mark asks as he sprawls out beside her, utterly oblivious. "Did they run you too ragged?"

"It was all right, I had some down time," Miranda answers and drinks a bit more. "I did some exploring, Beijing's changed quite a bit, but they still have some of the little old shops. Did you know, erm, that tattooing and piercing is very traditional there?"

"Mmm, yeah," Mark answers, taking a swallow of his wine. "There's some really fascinating stuff involved in some of it -- spirituality and magic, personal power, all that. You putting some of it into your book?"

"Not the Mongolia one," she answers absently. Personal power that sounds right. "Maybe the next one, maybe not a travel one." She snags a piece of cucumber from the plate, crunches it, and decides to just start talking and hope for the best. "Mark, I wanted to surprise you."

"Yeah?" Mark grins and leans forward. "You bring me a present?"

"Erm, yeah," Miranda answers, feeling the heat from her blush in her cheeks and ears. She starts unbuttoning her shirt, nervously aware of the sensation from her left side. "Probably easier to show you."

Mark blinks a little and sets his wine down, a smile starting to spread across his face. "Show me...?" he says, slipping his fingers into her blouse where it's parting. "Miranda, did you -- did you get a tattoo or something?"

His smile brightens the room and makes Miranda smile back, as always. She feels better, some of the uncertainty lifting. He'll appreciate the gesture, at least. "Something," she answers, her voice still a bit shaky. Mark's hand is comforting too. Her old cotton bra isn't exactly sexy, but it's soft and it does open in front. She looks down and starts to unhook it.

"What'd you do, gorgeous?" Mark murmurs, his fingers skimming across the backs of her hands. He doesn't want to rush her, but he has an idea what she's about to reveal, and the idea of it is taking his breath away.

Miranda opens her bra and shows him the piercing in her nipple, blushing and biting her lip as she waits to see whether he likes it.

"Oh, baby, that's beautiful." Mark's voice is low, soft as his touch when he strokes the tender skin around the new piercing. He leans forward to kiss her, gently, then bends to brush another kiss over her nipple, feather-light. "How do you like it?"

"It's for you, you and Vin," Miranda says, shaking a little with relief. "You don't mind? I did it without asking, then I wondered..."

Mark smiles, slipping his arm around her and kissing her hair. "You don't have to ask us, baby. It's your body - you're just sweet enough to share it with us. But I think it's beautiful, and so will Vin." And then his smile broadens to a grin and he adds, "Just wait'll it's healed. Then we can play with it...."

That makes Miranda whimper, just thinking of it. She can't quite breathe, can't move, can't do anything but yearn. Even though it hurts now, she wants them to play with it, tease her with it, pull her with it, control her with it. "Oh, yes," she finally whispers, leaning on his arm, "oh, God, Mark...." her mind is so tangled with need that she can't find the right words.

"Mmmm... my girl's feeling randy," Mark purrs, grinning, and he tips her head back to kiss her and lets his other hand skim down between her thighs. "I think I'm jealous of the guy who did it," he whispers, his lips brushing hers. He's kidding, really, but god, what he wouldn't give to have been there, watching her face when the needle pushed through.

Miranda moans and moves against him, his words heating her up even more. She pulls him close to kiss, sucking at his tongue and mouth. It had been a silent woman who did it, pierced her, and now she wishes she'd waited, and asked Mark if he would do that for her. Her arm brushes her nipple and she moans again, but the hurt feels hot and sexy, running through her body like lightning.

Mark slips her shirt off her shoulders, the bra straps with it. "Strip off, sweet girl," he murmurs. "Let me see all of you."

His order makes Miranda feel weak at the knees. She obediently pulls her arms out of her shirt, skims down her trousers and knickers, and stands in front of him, naked. She's hyper-aware of her left breast, of the piercing and the pink around it, of her other breast which seems empty somehow. She doesn't know what to do with her hands, so she puts them behind her back.

"Perfect, girl," Mark says softly, almost unable to believe his luck in finding Miranda, in getting to the point where she'll do this at all, much less be so hot for it so fast. He reaches for her, pulls her a step closer and slips one hand between her thighs, cupping the firm curve of her ass in the other. "God, so hot, so wet," he whispers, teasing into her folds and brushing his thumb over her swelling clit. "Hot, sexy girl, and I can't wait for that sweet little nipple to heal up. Such a pretty gift, baby, so pretty on my pretty girl."

It's tempting as hell to drag her down and lick her 'til she's bucking and screaming, but his cock is stiff, demanding something else, and how good would that be -- zero to fucking in point five, and he can't help wanting that more.

Miranda pushes into his touch, reaches for him as she arches and trembles. His words of praise heat her up, just as much as his touch. She clutches him, opens her legs to his hand, finds herself babbling, "Oh God, Mark, please, more...." This is the sexiest thing she's ever done: she's always dripping wet around him, and now she rides his hand, turned shameless with arousal.

Mark grins, pushing his fingers inside her and his breath catching at the tight, wet heat of her body. "That's my girl," he says, finger-fucking her with shallow strokes and Christ the way she loses herself in this, it's fucking gorgeous.

He wants more, though, and finally he gives her a sharp, light swat on her ass and draws out of her, licking her juices off his fingers as he fumbles in the drawer of the end table for a condom. "Get down here," he says. "Want you to put it on for me, and then you tell me whether you want to ride me, or you want me to bend you over to fuck you."

Miranda jumps at the swat and whimpers -- she was so close to coming. But she trusts Mark to make it good. She has to take a deep breath to concentrate again, rolls the condom on him and kisses all round his cock, licking his balls to make him moan. "Ride you," she says, decisively. She wants to see him, watch his face as during sex.

"Do it, then," Mark says, his voice getting rough at the edges as he tugs her towards him.

Miranda follows his lead, leaning forward till they're both down on the floor. She opens his flies and shoves down his trousers and pants. His cock is gratifyingly full, invitingly stiff, and she kneels over him, almost ready to go.

Mark scoots down a little, the couch against his back and Miranda straddling him, his cock at full attention. "Whatcha waiting for, gorgeous?" he asks, watching her with a curious smile.

"Touch me?" she asks, as she rubs her pussy up along his cock. Then she holds his cock and pushes herself down, on, around it. "Oh fuck," she moans as she sinks down onto it, it's almost too much until her body adjusts.

"Oh, fuck..." Mark groans with her, rocking up into her, then he slides his arm around her and cups her right breast in his hand, catching her nipple between his fingers and tugging, pinching. It's so good, her little whimpers and how hot she is, how tight, and he lunges up to kiss her, gasping at the way it makes her body move with his.

Miranda moans and wriggles, his hand on her right breast helping it match the left. It doesn't quite hurt any more -- just another sensation that sparks through her. She holds and kisses him, gasping for breath between kisses, rocking her hips to feel his cock drag across her clit.

"Jesus Christ, my hot girl," Mark breathes, and then he hitches his other arm around her and skims his hand up her side towards the pink newness of the piercing. Barely skimming his fingers over the peak of her nipple, he watches her face to see whether it's good or still too soon.

Fingers digging into Mark's shoulders, Miranda tenses at his approach. When he makes contact, she sighs with relief. She lets her breath out with a pant and says, "It's all right, doesn't hurt any more than before." Then she grins and runs her fingers down his chest, pinching at his nipples. "You make me hot," she observes with a sassy wiggle of her nether parts.

"Oh, baby," Mark laughs breathlessly, "you can't help being hot." He skims her nipple again, then touches the ring gently, watching her face.

Miranda yelps at that, heat cutting through her from nipple to her clit. "God, oh, fucking Christ!" she moans, not hurting exactly, more that she's consumed by the feeling.

It sounds like a good yelp, and along with the moan Mark takes it as encouragment, cupping her breast and careful to be gentle but still pulling her down into a hard kiss, licking over her lips and pushing inside, the tight heat of her body making him want to take her, to thrust up into her.

Moving like that scrapes his cock against her pussy, and the combination of that and his hand on her sore breast sends her writhing into his kiss. When she manages a breath, she whispers, "Please, touch my clit, please, oh God, I'm so close..." Saying it, asking, begging even, feels outrageously sexy to her. Like she's his plaything, like her orgasm is his to keep or give. It makes her heart beat so fast she's can barely hear anything else.

"That's my girl," Mark goans, "god, keep moving like that," and he reaches between them to find her clit and tease it. "But you don't come 'til I say, gorgeous, not this time. You do, I'll spank that pretty ass for you 'til you squeak."

"Oh bloody hell, I'm trying!" Miranda protests, as his fingers touch her thrillingly. She's not entirely sure she knows how to keep from coming -- in general it's been more of a problem getting to orgasm than keeping from having one.

Mark gasps as she squeezes around him, and huffs a little laugh. "You're doing great, gorgeous," he says, pulling her into another kiss. As far as he's concerned it's a win either way -- the spanking's more a reward for him than a punishment for her, and it occurs to him he should mention that if it comes to it.

His praise warms Miranda, relaxes her, and she kisses him again. She's trying to stay calm, but fuck, he's far too good with those hands for anything but desperation. "Please, soon?" she asks, begs even, rocking back and forth on his cock. She sighs as he touches her just there.

Mark's not interested in calm, though. He wants desperate. He wants her writhing, squirming, riding him like can't ever get enough. "Harder, baby," he says with a teasing grin, and pressing her clit in slow, easy circles as he reaches up to brush his fingers over the swollen nub of her newly-pierced nipple.

"That's impossible!" Miranda complains, jerking back from his top hand and forward to where he's touching her pussy. He's tormenting her, keeping her on the edge and it's like nothing she's ever felt before. "Please?" she can't take any more of this, truly.

"Impossible?" Mark repeats, a little taken aback. "Impossible for you to fuck me any harder?"

Miranda mutters, "Um, is that what you meant?" and tries to ride harder, pushes back and forth faster, hoping that's what he wants.

"Aww, Christ yes, that's it baby," Mark groans, head tipping back and his cock twitching inside her at the way she moves, the way her body squeezes around him. She's slick and hot, his fingers soaked with her arousal as he teases her towards the climax she's begging for. Just watching her riding him like this would almost be enough, her hair falling around her face and her tits bouncing as she thrusts down onto him, her face flushed and her lips kiss-swollen, the smell of sex heady in the air. "Come on, baby," he says, breathless and ragged-voiced, "come for me now, let me feel it, do it baby...."

She'd been frustrated, a little upset, but the combination of his voice and his hand on her is irresistible. Beyond good or nice or anything like that -- just hot as fire, burning her up. She yells as she comes, it bursts out of her, and everything goes weird.

That's all it takes to push Mark over, and he bucks up once more into her and comes with a growling shout, gathering her down into a breathless kiss as his climax shudders though him.

Miranda collapses onto his chest, squashes him without thinking. It's enough just to lie quietly for a while, panting a bit and then she has to slide sideways, get her own weight off her piercing. Which he liked. Which makes her smile inside, because he's pierced her in so many ways. And now she'll never stop thinking about him, always have a piece of him in her, even if he didn't do it as such. Maybe he or Vin will do the other side, and the idea has her trembling with lust even though she just came.

With a pleased little groan, Mark settles Miranda into the curve of his arm and kisses her hair, slipping his other hand across her waist to hold her loosely. "My beautiful girl," he murmurs. "When that's healed and you can change it out, I'm going to buy something for it. Something sparkly and expensive. D'you like sparkly things?"

"If you give them to me, I do," Miranda answers, half asleep and thoroughly content. Everything's changed since she met Mark and Vin. She used to be quite self-consciously tasteful, elegantly understated, playing down her looks. But now, she feels different -- full, as her dad used to say, piss and vinegar. She's bought more bright colors, short skirts, low-cut blouses, delighting in the way her men appreciate them.

Mark laughs and hugs her, kisses her cheek. "If I give 'em to you?" he says with a grin. "You'll give me ideas, gorgeous. Maybe I'll buy you that french maid's outfit after all...."

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Sizzlingly hot. When Vin gets there and finds out about those peircings, look out Miranda.

Thank you so much! It's great to get fb on this. I am very curious how Vin will react, as well.

Is this series finished???
I've just sat and read from the first part till this last installment and I want more! This has been an excellent ride and yeah, I want to know how Vin handles the piercing! LOL

Thanks for the fb, it's nice to know someone's enjoying it!

Far from finished, I'm sorry to say. But there's another story that I thought I posted, but apparently not, so I will later on today.

YAY! Can't wait to read it!!!

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